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Bubble Bath Recipe

Creating safe, chemical free bathtub fun is easy using a bubble bath recipe and natural ingredients. Children and adults enjoy the relaxing, soapy fun of a warm bubble bath and sometimes that is all that is needed to turn a bad day into a great one.

Base Ingredients


The primary ingredient of any bubble bath recipe is soap and using a commercially prepared soap may be required as making your own soap from scratch can be a time consuming process. Castile soap is a natural soap that is available in both bar and liquid form, scented and unscented and you can easily purchase it in bulk.

Using castile soap as the base for homemade bubble bath provides a more natural product that has less chance of irritating the skin or causing an allergic reaction. Keep in mind that other ingredients may cause itching so if necessary test each ingredient first by placing a small amount on the skin inside your wrist to see if your skin reacts.

Soothing Additives

With castile soap as the base, you can add many soothing ingredients that will allow you to make bubble baths that are relaxing and healing.

  • Salt, including non-iodized table salt, rock and sea salt ground in a blender until fine will provide natural softening properties but keep in mind that adding salts to liquid or melted castile soap will produce a gel type bubble bath.

  • Natural oils including almond, olive and sunflower will also provide softeners and are best to use for liquid bubble baths.

  • Oatmeal water added to any bubble bath base provides soothing relief from dry, itch skin caused by a wide range of problems including rashes, chicken pox and skin conditions.



Bubble bath is fun and adding a special fragrance may provide even more enjoyment especially for children. Essential flavoring oils opens up new avenues of scents possibilities for homemade bubble bath including cotton candy, bubble gum and lemonade plus traditional scents including lavender, sandalwood, eucalyptus and fruit scents.

Essential oils, like castile soap, is safe and can be used for bath products for children who often put bath water in their mouth and homemade bubble baths are less irritating to the eyes. Children also enjoy colors and adding a drop or two of food coloring to fruit scented homemade bubble bath will turn the water a pretty color while producing safe, soothing bubbles.

Special Ingredients

Occasionally a bubble bath recipe will call for special ingredients such as:

  • Glycerin, a natural plant emollient often used in making candy and icing

  • Witch hazel which acts as an astringent tightening skin tissues

  • Coconut oil or milk produces a silky feel to both the bathwater and skin.

All of these special ingredients can be found online, groceries and at retail stores that sell candy or cake supplies and all are 100% edible so there is no cause for concern. Some commercially prepared bubble bath use chemicals and petroleum by products to create their products, and not all of them are safe for use by children and some may even cause medical problems including urinary tract and yeast infections.

Creating a unique, one of a kind, special product for your family is easy when you use a make it at home bubble bath recipe however be prepared to make more once family members begin to rave about how great yours is.

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