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Homemade Facial Cleansers to Care and Hydrate Your Face

Making your own homemade facial cleansers allow you to cleanse the different parts of the skin on your face appropriately. It makes the ideal facial skin care.

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When you make homemade facial cleansers, you are sure to get safe and all-natural products in your sensitive skin. If you have combination skin, it can be challenging to care for because the forehead, chin and nose (called the T-zone area) are oilier and have skin blemishes such as blackheads. The other areas of the face easily lose skin moisture thus they can become tight and dry when you wash them often.

Facial Wash for Combination Skin

To make an organic face wash for this type of skin, you can use honey as it has potassium to avoid and cure breakouts. Get one-fourth cup of honey and add half a cup of water and half a cup of gentle liquid soap. Blend this well inside a pump container that is clean. Massage this on damp skin and wash off with lukewarm water. Use this homemade facial cleanser two times daily to hydrate and clear your combination skin.

Facial Wash for the T-Zone Area

For your T-zone area, mix a teaspoon of sugar with a teaspoon of lemon juice. The lemon juice has antibacterial properties while the sugar has glycolic acid, which eliminates blackheads and smoothes the skin. Massage this on the T-zone area using a circular movement. Use this homemade facial cleanser daily to take away skin impurities and blackheads.

If you are looking for some effective and simple natural facial wash.....Here are ways to make natural facial cleansers. They are also inexpensive to make as you can find the ingredients in your kitchen.

Oatmeal, Yogurt and Honey Facial Wash

If you combine slow-cook oatmeal, yogurt and honey together, you can make a powerful natural face wash. The oatmeal will exfoliate your skin to eliminate dead skin cells. The yogurt can provide it with good bacteria to ward off infections. The honey is a strong antioxidant that can make the skin healthy and glowing.

Place a cup of oats into a food processor to chop them appropriately but not very powdery. Place this in a bowl, add honey and yogurt, and blend them well. Immediately apply on to your face in a slow and circular movement, ensuring that you touch your cheeks, forehead, nose and neck.

Milk and Salt Facial Wash

Another facial wash is mixing half a teaspoon of salt and half a cup of cold milk. Get a cotton ball and soak this with the mixture. Dab this on your face in a circular motion and then rinse with water. Milk will take away dirt that has clogged the pores while salt scrubs off dead skin. You get a glowing skin with this facial wash.

Salt and Baking Soda

You can make natural cleansers using a very simple recipe. Blend one cup of sea salt, one cup of Epson salts and two cups of baking soda well. Add a few drops of olive oil will turn these salts into facial cleansers.

Frequency to use Facial Cleanser

For different types of skin, the frequency of using a facial wash varies. If you have normal skin, wash this two times a day.

For oily skin, wash your face at least two times a day to take off excess oil and dirt that has accumulated.

For dry skin, wash your face just with cold water in the morning minus a face skincare. Wash your face again in the evening using a facial cleanser to remove dirt and dust. Too much cleansing of dry skin will make it dull and old.

Storing your Homemade Face Wash

Homemade facial cleansers can last for a month if you keep it in a tightly sealed glass jar inside a refrigerator. Make sure air does not get into it for it to last long.

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