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Lip Balm Recipes

Unlike lip-gloss, lip balm recipes create thicker and more solid products that can be made at home easily using natural, healthy ingredients. Adding a special moisturizer, water resistant ingredient or flavoring allows you to create a unique personalized lip balm in your kitchen.

Lip Balm


Lip balm is thicker and provides longer lasting moisturizers which can be especially helpful when hiking, working outdoors or in the winter where cold wind can quickly damage sensitive lip tissues. Lip balm recipes use beeswax and butters like mango and shea that are semi-solid at room temperatures and mixed with two types of natural oils. Many balm recipes call for oils that are stiff at room temperature including palm kernel and cocoa oil, as well as oils that remain liquid at room temperatures such as aloe vera, avocado and olive oil.

Heat Blending

In order to produce a lip balm that does not separate, heat blending is needed and can easily be done in a double boiler or a pan with water with a smaller pan set in it. Unflavored and unscented lip balm is easily cleaned from a double boiler, but fragrant or flavored balms may be more difficult. So dedicating a small double boiler for homemade cosmetics will allow you to create a wide variety of products without the difficulty of cleaning cooking pots. Candy thermometers may come in handy if you find yourself making many homemade cosmetics, but are not generally needed for simple lip balm recipes.



Finding suitable containers for your homemade cosmetics can be as expensive or inexpensive as you wish and in some cases free by re-using recyclable containers like baby food and over-the-counter medication bottles. Be sure to clean these types of containers thoroughly and remove labels, if possible. In addition, many of these types of containers will accept stick on labels that will allow you to design your own cosmetic labels. Adding the date created may be important, especially if the recipe includes a fresh fruit, dairy or short shelf life ingredient like acai berry powder, fruit or vegetable pulp or dried milk.

Additional Ingredients

Lip balm recipes can include additional ingredients that are easy obtained through hobby, craft and candy making retailers and online.

  • Base lip balm that allows you to add flavoring, color or other interesting ingredients.

  • Menthol crystals add a cooling icy effect

  • Candy oils and food grade coloring can produce a number of exotic flavors and soft colors to lip balm

  • Vitamin E capsules can be opened and this healing oil added to any lip balm base.

  • Stevia is a natural plant sweetener that can be substituted for balm recipes that include sugar or honey as an ingredient, although most people find that sweetening balm is unnecessary.

Retail Cosmetic Containers

Once you get started making cosmetics at home, you may find friends and family requesting your special blend of lip-gloss, balm or cream., and all provide specialty tins, plastic and glass jar and empty lip balm containers like those you get when you by commercially prepared lip balm. All of these companies offer single, bulk and wholesale options, and many of the smaller tins are the perfect size for homemade lip balm.

Whether you choose semi-solid or solid lip balm recipes to create your own, all the necessary ingredients are inexpensive and easily obtained. Once you get started you may find yourself creating a new flavor often.

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