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Sensitive Skincare

Locating nonirritating lotions can be difficult but sensitive skincare products made at home is very easy. Controlling the ingredients allows skincare products created at home that to provide the soothing, healing, relief of commercially made cosmetics at a fraction of the cost.

Lotion and Cream


Finding sensitive skincare lotions and creams that do not cause itching or irritation can be expensive. However, many natural substances can soothe and protect without irritation. Avocado, primrose and olive oil are recommended as the base for sensitive skin lotions and creams, which can be blended with cornstarch to thicken. You can also add dried, powdered papaya and cucumber if desired.

Test all ingredients for sensitivity by placing a small amount of the ingredient on the inside of your wrist to determine if it will irritate the skin. When making homemade skincare products it is wise to use this test on any new ingredient that will be included.


Soap is not always the best cleanser to use when cleaning your face, and many times people with sensitive skin benefit from an alternative, non-soap cleanser. You can use mashed papaya, cucumber or avocado as a gentle cleanser and if needed, a small amount of goat milk, olive oil or primrose oil can be added for moisturizing.

While these types of cleaning agents are best made daily freezing them in ice cube tray is a way to store a weeks worth at one time. Olive oil can be used alone as a skin cleanser or blended with primrose oil for an effective cleanser, especially since olive oil contains natural Vitamin E oils and tocopherols.

Facial Masks


Using a single ingredient at a time is best for sensitive skincare products, but by blending avocado or olive oil into cleansing ingredients you can create deep cleansing, moisturizing and firming facial masks. Boiling one cup of oatmeal in two cups of water will form the base for a gentle facial mask. Strain and use the liquid, adding scrubbing ingredients such as ground cucumber, papaya, cornmeal or egg whites. These will provide a variety of facial masks using a single ingredient base. Adding finely ground fresh or dried chamomile, lavender, and calendula flowers adds a new dimension to these gentle but effective facial masks.


Exfoliants remove dead skin cells and clear skin pores of dirt and oil; however, sensitive skinned people should limit how often they exfoliate as exfoliation can irritate tender skin tissues. Combining sugar, finely ground cornmeal or ground herbs with olive, primrose, sunflower or avocado oil produce gentle exfoliants that can be healing, especially if you use calendula flowers and olive oil. Sugar, cornmeal and ground herbs provide gentle scrubbing agents while olive oil nourishes the skin, and calendula flowers have been used for centuries to help rejuvenate skin tissues.

Bath Additives

Olive, sunflower and almond oil are great bath additives as is natural sea salt and grinding sea salt into a fine powder will help it dissolve faster enhancing its softening power. Adding a few drops of an herbal essential oil can help repair damaged skin, relax muscles and relieve itching skin especially when chamomile or lavender is used.

Creating sensitive skincare products at home will ensure that your skin is not subjected to chemically created substances that may irritate and cause itching.

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