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Skin Cream Recipe

There are many types of skin and finding a skin cream recipe for your type of skin will be easy, as will finding the many specialty cream recipes. Using fresh flower petals, fruits, herbs and natural oils, homemade skin creams will be fresh, soothing and provide a healthy alternative to chemically created commercial skin creams.

Flower Creams

Violet, rose and calendula are three of the most common flowers used in homemade skin creams and each provides a unique property to skin cream recipes.

  • Violet flowers and leaves, allowed to wilt then steeped in warm water for the afternoon then blended with beeswax and a natural oil produces a cream that can be used on all parts of the face even around the eyes.

  • Rose petals are rich in emollients that help restore skin cells damaged by wind, sun and help reduce the appearance of age lines.

  • Calendula petals and the essential oils of this type of marigold have been used for centuries to heal and nourish dry, cracked skin and a deep moisturizer for all skin types.

Aloe Vera Creams

Aloe vera is well known for its healing properties and it is easily added to many skin care products including skin creams. Squeeze the fresh pulp from a stem or you can split the stem lengthwise and scrape the pulp off with a spoon or butter knife. Then the healing substance inside the stem can is added to any natural oil with or without baking soda or essential oils. You can also use aloe vera straight from the stem as an effective healing skin cream without any additional ingredients. In addition, it is easily grows indoors without any special equipment and will provide fresh skin care components whenever you want them.

Fruit Creams

By adding Papaya, bananas, apples and many citrus fruits to a base cream of beeswax, oil and baking soda you'll produce antioxidant skin creams that have additional vitamin benefits.

  • Acai powder is a powerful antioxidant that is easily added to skin cream bases providing vegetable omega three acids and Vitamin C.

  • Papaya and avocado oils are available that allow longer lasting skin creams to be created as fresh pulp requires refrigeration and these types of products should be used within five days.

  • Bananas mixed with honey can include cornstarch or baking soda for a luxurious overnight cream that nourishes while providing deep moisturizing.

Dairy Products

Dairy products provide a different type of nourishment and a skin cream recipe that calls for heavy cream, yogurt, dried or goat milk will require refrigeration to keep the dairy product from spoiling. These perishable creams can be stored frozen for up to one week and using an ice cube tray to freeze enough for one day is an economical way to store homemade dairy-based skin creams. Goat milk is often used in gentle soaps and cleansers as well as many types of skin creams including creams for sensitive skin. Dried milk powder can be used in skin creams and when combined with cocoa powder produces a nourishing chocolate smelling skin cream.

Optional Ingredients

In addition to the common ingredients probably on hand in your kitchen some skin cream recipes call for stearic acid, a vegetable based substance that allows oil and beeswax to mix. Essential oils for fragrance are often included as is witch hazel, borax and xanthan gum all of which can be purchased online or in candy supply, hobby or craft stores.

Here's just one idea for a lovely moisturizing skin cream:

  1. 1/4 Cup Bananas, mashed
  2. 1 tsp. Honey
  3. 1 tsp. Corn Starch
  4. 1 Tbs. Powdered Milk
  5. 2 Tbs. Calendula infusion (make a tea with calendula petals)
  6. 10 drops Rose Geranium Oil
  7. 10 drops grapefruit seed extract

Choosing a skin cream recipe specifically for your type of skin will provide a healthy, natural alternative to chemically prepared, expensive commercial skin creams.

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